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Silvery Earth Kids – the strip!

It’s here! For young and old who like strips, get it now or order it before the Christmas rush!

Life is tough for Humans on Silvery Earth.

Luckily Torik has found a few magical friends… and soon everybody knows it!

Silvery Earth Kids is a strip set in the secondary world created by Barbara G.Tarn, written and drawn by the author – follow on Instagram!

Paperback available at the following:

Amazon UK

Amazon CA

Amazon IT

Amazon DE

Amazon FR

Amazon ES

Amazon JP

A PDF version will be available on DriveThruComics in the coming days (no rush, since download is immediate).

Also, the Italian version is still in review at Amazon, but if you’d like to learn Italian, you can grab it soon. But be warned that these are kids and their speech pattern isn’t always grammatically correct (which is valid also for the English version, by the way!)! 🙂

Aaaand, for (new) adults willing to discover what happens to Torik and his friends, Magical Friends is available for pre-order. Set twelve years later, it will show what happens to Torik and his Human and magical friends. Ebook only for now and I’ll probably move the release date to earlier than it currently is.

Have a great weekend!