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Work in Progress

In the coming months there will be a slow restyling of the pages, covers and possibly blurbs on this page. No new titles after the publication of Rogue (Star Minds Lone Wolves) except possibly a few box sets until December.

I started by updating the Star Minds Universe page, and will slowly put up new covers and updated files for the e-book, but since they’re available on various retailers, it will take me some time to change everything. Hence the three months.

In other news, in September Backstage Pass will be back, both to keep you informed on the transition and to open new windows for readers discovering my various series.

Next week I’ll be at Worldcon, but having no panels, I don’t know where I could meet up with anyone. I’ll be wearing my covers on T-shirts, so if you see me, don’t be shy.

Happy end of summer!

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