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Backstage Pass

After the summer break we can resume the backstage pass posts!

At the end of August, Kate Perry was in the news, accused of sexual misconduct towards a young man. And of course

in the comments of the post that Kloss revealed that he is an alleged victim of Perry’s unwanted advances, Kloss is being harassed, blamed and accused of lying for attention. If this seems familiar, it is the same rhetoric aimed at female victims of sexual violence.

When I still had an offline writers group, I wrote a short story, Runaway, that told of a young man harrassed and abused by his girlfriend.

The story starts in the Star Minds Universe, on Ypsilanti, the only matriarchal planet of the Star Nations with a mixed population (Sylvania is matriarchal because the Y-chromosome doesn’t survive there, there are no men on that planet) where men are usually subdued.

Yash is a sweet asexual man (yes, there are asexual men too) who accidentally kills his girlfriend and has to run away. When I gave the story to the group, the only man said “it’s not possible to rape a man” – especially not a woman (he was willing to admit that men can rape other men too).

Thankfully there was also a woman who specializes in male rape and abuse, but I knew it would be a controversial topic. I researched and wrote it anyway.

The whole story of the runaway is Yash and Ryo Lost in the Milky Way, or how an asexual and a gay man manage to survive in another version of our universe.

So I believe what Kloss says, people with power think they can do anything they want with other people no matter their gender or sexual orientation. I hope more men come forward and the women who hurt them get punished.

Book(s) in which the characters appear: Star Minds Interregnum in the story Runaway (part one of the novella). A brief mention to Yashvardan Samara is in King of Music – Zaphadin (included in Star Minds Chasing Stardom).

Here you can read an interview with Yash and Ryo interview on the author’s blog.

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