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Backstage Pass – Star Minds Lone Wolves

The Lone Wolves are the third generation in the Star Minds Universe, although Hariel rightfully belongs to the second generation.

I shall explore the previous generations in another post and will concentrate on the Lone Wolves for now. The novels – 6 of them – can be divited into the Youngsters and the Elders. I might eventually do two box sets with each “trilogy”.

One of the Elders, Elsa the freelance, doesn’t join the Lone Wolves Team, so she won’t appear in this stories, although her son will later on.

Below you see the original team: Hariel Reubel a.k.a. Hal Rownes, Iso-bel “Icy Aya” Shermac, Shanell Katherina of the y-chromosome toxic planet Sylvania and Jes-syd Russom, Iso-bel’s ex-boyfriend.

The three “youngsters” are in their twenties and all have a special adoration for Hariel, even though he had sex only with Shanell. And he’s somehow Jes-syd’s rival, since the young man is still in love with Iso-bel, but he greatly admire Hariel’s skills.

And the youngsters are not the only Hariel fans… Yes, the author is as much in love with Hariel as his teammates! 🙂 Although I see him more like this (in his various incarnations… having an actor who started young as a Muse is very good for characters!) Long live the Wonder Man! 🙂

As I’m about to publish the second five missions of the Lone Wolves Team, let me say a couple more things. The first fifteen missions were written last year. I have now finished writing all the missions, although it was hard to get back on this starship after Silvery Earth.

I had to re-read a few of the books I wrote last year, just to get back in that universe. But for now no more missions for the Lone Wolves Team. The publication schedule covers most of the summer, including the last Lone Wolves book, Rogue, a seventh short novel.
With the Lone Wolves, I started the series of composite covers. Sometimes it’s NeoStock models, sometimes random stock models, sometimes 3D rendering, which is probably confusing, but until I learn to use DazStudio, I’m stuck with what I can find premade.
Why am I mentioning this? Because besides Shanell, Icy Aya and Jes-syd who were already mentioned in previous stories, I didn’t really have a description of the other characters, although I did have a virtual cast in mind.

So, I found L’ill’oreta, O’lyn’ether’s daughter, blue-eyed like her father, for the cover of Star Minds Lone Wolves Shorts. The 3D rendering is by Ravven, who also did Cherry, Elsa and some backgrounds I used on the Lone Wolves covers.

And then I found a random guy with a makeup mask and he became the rogue of the last book. I haven’t prepared the cover yet, but when I saw him, I thought he’d be perfect to emulate Mr. H – which puts in trouble half of the Lone Wolves Team, of course.

I had to go through a couple of Third Generation Snippets for this one. Namely Immortal Body, which I already had to re-read when I wrote Adventurer, but had forgotten since.

I’m happy to report what I wrote two years ago still works, even placing Leo-will Khamisi on Gweltaz at the time of that story, set ten years after the destruction of the Imperial Planet.

I don’t want to put out spoilers, but rest assured it’s going to be a fun ride, like the rest of the series! Any requests, questions or comments on the Lone Wolves Team, shout them out!

photo credits – taken from the ebook covers as follow:

Thief (Star Minds Lone Wolves) 

Adventurer (Star Minds Lone Wolves) 

Pilot (Star Minds Lone Wolves) 

Hacker (Star Minds Lone Wolves)