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Star Minds Third Generation Snippets

Stories set between the fall of the Galactic Empire and start of the Humanoid Wars that will lead the birth of the Federation of Humanoid Planets. Galaxy police, battery-operated boyfriends, rainbow-haired princesses and immortal bodies in the interregnum period. The third generation of Star Minds is out and about in the Milky Way.

Rookie (5235)
Aliens on Earth (5238)
Sire Minds (Marc’harid 5240)
B.O.B. Theft (5242)
Starship Pilot (Sylvania 5245)
TR1ST4N (Serenaide 5248)
Immortal Body (Ypsilanti 5250)


Ebook links. Paperback available on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and other retailers.

Cover art by Maurizio Manzieri.



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