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Today People

A collection of stories previously published as B.G. Hope with a few new contemporary titles.

“Rapture”: From a Stephen King prompt about a stalking ex-wife.

“Best of Friends”: A famous pop-rock band experiences success, friendship and love on their cross-country tour.

“Choices”: Money and happiness don’t always get along. It’s all a matter of choices.
Carl is a winner. He has money, success, a rich young wife. But his past is catching up. He might not feel like Scrooge, but the Ghosts of Christmas Past force him to question his life. Mud might never turn to gold, but gold itself might actually be pyrite…

The new stories
“Openings”: Three short stories written from writing prompts

“Changes”:The day Rick turns forty, his wife dumps him. And the kids.
He tries to recover from the shock of the breakup with the help of a nice babysitter and friendly colleagues. But life changes for everyone. Is there love after forty? Can he trust a woman ever again?


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Cover art by Marta Baroni



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