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Yash and Ryo Lost in the Milky Way

Yash is asexual and traumatized, Ryo is gay and smitten.
Yash runs away from his home planet, a matriarchal world where men have few rights, to escape abuse.
A short-lived rush through the Milky Way with Ryo of Xi-kong, a mob-boss son who is not very loved on his patriarchal planet.
Getting away from the Star Nations might be the only way out – or certain death at an early age…
Part one is included in Star Minds Interregnum.
This is the story the Star Nations never get to know.


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Book(s) in which the characters appear: Star Minds Interregnum – Galaxy Police (cover art by Shafali Anand) or Star Minds Interregnum (cover art by Maurizio Manzieri) in the story Runaway (part one of this book). A brief mention to Yashvardan Samara is in King of Music – Zaphadin (included in Star Minds Chasing Stardom with cover by Maurizio Manzieri).

Yash and Ryo interview on the author’s blog. Cover art by RenRou.



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