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Cover Reveal

And we’re resuming publication, at least one new title a month for the next twelve months! Extras might be Italian titles or a Kickstarter, but meanwhile here’s the first four titles that will lead us to the end of 2023!

September 2023: Lands of Discovery

A collection of portal stories in the vein of Lands of Wonder but with a couple of time travel portals like in Lost in History.

October 2023: British Shadows

A standalone novel in the Ghost Bus Riders urban fantasy series. Just in case you don’t want to try a new series with three books and a prequel, this one should be able to tell you something about it!

November 2023: G.M.H. – Genetically Modified Humans

Social sci-fi about Generation Delta living at the end of the 21st century. Germline modification of humans is now mainstream all over the world.

December 2023: The Spiral Staircase

A historical time travel novella. You may have had a taste of it if you read Lost in History, but even that was revised. It’s a sort of prequel to the historical novel The Fern and The Cross when they go to the past.

You will see them show up below when the time is right. Both will be both ebook and paperback. Stay tuned for more titles coming next year!