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Vampires Through the Centuries

Starting with Rajveer the Vampire, here’s a series of vampires that spans centuries. All books could be read as standalone except the last book that will tie up all the storylines. The years in brackets are the historical times covered in each book.

Rajveer the Vampire (AD 1301-1585)

Charioteer of Buddha (Chandaka and Daya AD 1160-1585)

Norman Blood (Robert Malet AD 1066-1200)

Kaylyn the Sister-in-Darkness (AD 1160-1585)

Indestructible (Akshay and Vidya AD 967-2005)

Shashank the Fledgling (AD 1398-2005) includes Sir George’s Journal (1819-1899)

Short stories  related to the series:

The Return of the Crusader (available in As the Lights Go Out and as bonus story with Rajveer the Vampire)

All shorter works with be gathered in a single volume with printed edition when done.

All cover art by Shafali Anand.