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The Book of Time Loops

If you see the Magic Bookshop in the older part of your hometown, it means you need to take a look at a certain, unique book. Whether you have research to do, have a transgender child or need to be reminded how great your country was, whether you dream of sailing on a galleon or needed a reminder about what great women did in the past to ensure your current well-being, then Mr. Pitt will hand you the book. It’s free, but it’s not for you to keep. Enjoy it and drink in its wisdom, experience a short time in eras long gone, an invisible observer of past lives.

Five episodes, five women, five countries.

London and the Regency times.

Paris and women in pants.

Rome and the pirates of the Caribbean.

Delhi and India’s glorious past.

New York City and African queens.

Five fascinating time loops from a magic book.


Universal Book Link (ebook and paperback)



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