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Star Minds Universe

Space Opera Series

In this alternate future, Earth joins the Star Nations in 2012… discover this future where space travel is the norm, starting back in the 20th century and then diverging into a completely different future from our own!

At 99c: Sire Teens and Shorts and She-wolves Team (the latter included also in Confederation Volume 2)

It also possible to sample the series for a low price. The Star Minds Starter includes Shooting Star and Technological Angel. The Starter is for all, but some books are

namely Books 2 and 3 of the Trilogy and some stories in the Snippets – if you find that red button on the book, be warned! QUILTBAG characters all over the place as well.

Standalone title not included in the box sets: Terrans

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Next Generation

Interview with Shan-leo and Dadina.


Interview with Izzy-lee (S.E.T.H)

Chasing Stardom

Interview with Kay-low

Interview with Zaphadin

Confederation Volume 1 (formerly Interregnum)

Third Generation Snippets

Confederation Volume 2 (formerly Interregnum Volume 2)


Star Minds Lone Wolves

Adventurer (Icy Aya)

Pilot (Shanell)

Hacker (Jes-syd)

Thief (Hariel)

Mercenary (Cherry)

Freelance (Elsa)


Rogue (Hal)

Cop (Kaori)

Assassin (Alex)

Spacer (Fabio)


Star Minds Federation

Wonder Man (May 2024)

Starship Empress (June 2024)

Morning Star (July 2024)

Killer Squad (August 2024)

Humanoids (September 2024)


Star Minds Universe

Star Minds Lone Wolves