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Silvery Earth

The series is called Silvery Earth because the world is the common thread. This is sociological fantasy where characters live and die, and history unforlds through the centuries.

All Silvery Earth maps are done by Federico Distefano


Unlike other fantasy worlds that never change through the millennia, the Humans of Silvery Earth grow and change under the incredulous eyes of the Magical Races (Genn, Sila, Waiora and Fajrulo). Not even the Immortals could foresee the evolution of those pesky, short-lived barbarians.

Here follows a chronology of the stories. The collections might cover many years, the novels only a few. The number(s) is the year(s) of Silvery Earth (counting from the arrival of the Immortals on the Magical Races’ calendar) in which the story take place.

There are different civilizations to explore: the Amazons, the India-and-Persia-inspired southern kingdoms, the typical medieval Europe northern kingdoms, and the still mostly unexplored Islands Empire (East Asia inspired) and Black Empire of Nera (Africa inspired).

Some books are definitely adults only for various reasons, and are clearly labeled. The rest is to be considered for all, with some m/m collections that are clearly labeled as such.


Silvery Earth chronology:

Legends of the Moren Empire Volume 1 – The Sun Sword (600-972)

Legends of the Moren Empire Volume 2 – The Genn Kingdoms (1000-1143)

Legends of the Moren Empire Volume 3 – The Fall (1197-1220)

Tales of the Northern Kingdoms Volume 1 (1220-1405)

Tales of the Northern Kingdoms Volume 2 (1370-1405)

Fairy Tales Revisited on Silvery Earth (1220-1350)

Beautiful 1350 cooltext162534876982386cooltext161058392047040

Firebird 1360

Quests Book 1 The Path of Water 1405

Quests Book 2 The Path of Fire (1405-1500)

Quests Book 3 The Path of Air (1420)

More Tales of the Southern Kingdoms (1400s includes The Hooded Man)

Quests Book 4 The Path of Earth (1460)

Tales of the Southern Kingdoms  1510-1578cooltext162534689787710

Books of the Immortals – Air 1535-1536

Fall of the Southern Kingdoms  (1515-1639)

Honorable Assassins (includes Talwar&Khanda, Assassins in Love + Saif’s Story)

Kilig the Sword 1660-1685 ( includes Saif&Kilig + Kilig&Hakeem ) cooltext162534689787710

Books of the Immortals – Fire 1685 (1785)

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Spell (1635) 1735-1746 cooltext162534876982386

Books of the Immortals – Water 1759-1761 some cooltext162534876982386

Books of the Immortals – Ether 1795-1805

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Left-handed Warrior 1850-1862

Records of the Varian Empire (1865 -1915)

Chronicles of the Varian Empire – The Enlightened Emperor 1915-1917

Amazons 1959-1962

Axelle, Wanderer (1983-1994) includes S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. (graphic novel – single issues available in PDF form) and then Omnibus 1 (chapters 1 to 5) Omnibus 2 (chapters 6 to 10) and Omnibus 3 (chapters 11 to 15) 1993-1994

Books of the Immortals – Earth (500 years after Air) 2085-2086

Angelica, Scholar (2115-2135)

Coming next:

more Silvery Earth Heroines (cover art by Federica Manfredi)

Legends of the Moren Empire

The Paths Trilogy